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Caltrans Live Traffic Cameras

Caltrans has over a thousand cameras monitoring roadway sections across California. The primary method for traffic camera information is still images, but some of the cameras offer live streaming video.  Caltrans currently uses two methods to distribute video. First is Windows Media Video which requires Windows Media Player.  Second is Flash video which requires Adobe Flash Player or QuickTime for Macintosh users.

There are a couple different ways to locate traffic video on this website.  The direct links below will open a video stream using Windows Media Player.  Some video streams are available only using the red camera icons on the traffic map.  The camera icons will pop-up a still camera image.  A “go to live camera” link may appear at the top of the image and will open with Windows Media Player or a play button may appear at the bottom of the image and will stream using Flash or Quicktime.

If you want to learn more about Caltrans traffic cameras or are having issues viewing check out the FAQ page.


Live Traffic Cameras

Northwestern California Traffic Camera MapEureka weather
Live traffic cams covering Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake and Mendocino counties.

Northeastern California Traffic Camera MapRedding weather
Live traffic cams covering Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama and Trinity counties.

Sacramento and Tahoe Traffic Camera MapSacramento weather
Live traffic cams covering Butte, Colusa, El Dorado, Glenn, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sierra, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties.


Central California Traffic Camera MapFresno weather
Live traffic cams covering Kern, Tulare, Fresno, and Madera counties.

Stockton:Stockton weather map view of Stockton cameras
I-5 at Benjamin Holt 
I-5 Charter/MLK
Crosstown - Center 
I-5 at Pershing 

San Francisco- Oakland Bay Area San Francisco weather

E 80 at 6th St
E 80 at Ashby
EB 80 at Lower Deck-Sterling Onramp
W 80 at Ashby
E 80 at 80/580/880 IC
E 80 at 101
E 80 at Suisun Valley Rd
E 80 at Bay Bridge SAS Tower
W 80 at Bay Bridge SAS Tower
W 80 at Fremont
W 80 SFOBB at Incline
W 24 at Telegraph

NB 101 at 580
NB 101 at JNO-280-680
NB 101 at Candlestick Park
NB 101 at East Hillsdale
NB 101 at Ignacio
NB 101 at Lagoon
NB 101 at Spencer
N 101 at N 1st
SB 101 at Bayshore
SB 101 at Popular
SB 101 at JCT 1
S 101 at 380
S 101 at Wilfred
N238 JSO Ashland Ave.
S 280 at John Daly
N 280 at 101
N 280 at 6th
E-380 JWO JCT-101
S-17 JSO JCT-280
W4 at Lone Tree
San Mateo Bridge at Substation 2
San Mateo Bridge at Substation 6
W80 at Carlson
W 580 at Tassajara
W 580 at JCT 24
W 580 at Regatta
E 580 at Grand
S 680 at 80
S680 at El Cerro Blvd
N680 at JCT 580
680 at Greenbrook
680 at Pine Valley
S680 at North Main St.
S 880 at 66th
S 880 at Paseo Grande
S 880 AT JCT 84
S 880 AT 238
S 880 AT The Alameda
N 880 at 101
N1 at Presidio Tunnel

Santa Cruz:Santa Cruz weather
Hwy 1 State Park Dr
Hwy 1 West of 41st
Hwy 1 West of Emeline
Hwy 17 at Fishhook
Hwy 17 at Laurel Curves
Hwy 1 East of Morrissey Blvd
Hwy 17 at Ocean St
Hwy 1 at Morrissey Blvd (west of)

Prunedale:Prunedale weather
101 at 156 West
101 at Crazy Horse Canyon Rd
101 at San Miguel Canyon Rd in Prunedale

Salinas:Salinas weather
68 at Portola Rd
101 at Espinosa Rd

101 at North Main St

Watsonville:Watsonville weather
Hwy 1 at Salinas Rd

Monterey:Monterey weather
Hwy 1 at Sloat Ave

San Benito:San Benito weather
101 at 156 East

San Luis Obispo:San_Luis_Obispo weather
101 at Broad St
101 East of Fox Hollow Rd
101 at Los Osos Valley Rd
101 at Marsh St
101 at Madonna Rd
101 at Monterey St
101 at South Higuera St

Paso Robles:Paso Robles weather
101 at Route 46 East

Pismo Beach :Pismo Beach weather
101 at Avila Beach Dr
101 at Dolliver
101 at Mattie Road
101 at 4th Street
101 at San Luis Bay Dr
101 at Spyglass

Arroyo Grande:Arroyo Grande weather
101 at Camino Mercado
101 at Grand Ave

Atascadero:Atascadero weather
101 at Route 58
101 at Curbaril
101 at Santa Barbara Rd in Atascadero

Santa Maria:Santa Maria weather
101 at Broadway Ave (Santa Maria River Bridge)

Santa Barbara:Santa Barbara weather
101 at Cabrillo Blvd
101 at Carrillo St
101 at Fairview Ave
101 at Garden St
101 at Milpas St
101 at Las Positas Rd
101 at Patterson Ave
101 at Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria (a few miles SE of Santa Barbara)

San Bernardino and Riverside Counties San Bernardino weather
San Bernardino area traffic cams and speed map

Multiple cameras along highway 10
10 West of Monte Vista Ave
10 East of Central Ave
10 East of Mountain Ave
10 West of Euclid Ave
10 at 4th St
10 East of Vineyard Ave
10 West of Haven Ave
10 West of Cherry Ave
10 at Serria Ave
10 West of Cedar Ave
10 at Riverside Ave
10 at 9th St.
10 East of Waterman Ave
10 West of Tippecanoe Ave
10 at Mountain View Ave
10 at California St
10 East of California St
10 at Route 210 Interchange
10 at Ford St
Multiple cameras along highway 15
Multiple cameras along Cajon Pass
15 North of Ontario Ave
15 at Magnolia Ave
15 South of Hidden Valley Pkwy
15 South of Second St
15 North of Second St
15 North of 6th St
15 at Limonite Ave
15 South of Cantu Galleano Ranch Rd
15 South of Route 60
15 North of Route 60
15 at Jurupa St
15 South of 10/15 Interchange
15 South of Foothill Blvd
15 at Baseline Ave
15 South of Route 210
15 North of Route 210
15 at Duncan Canyon Rd
15 South of Serria Ave
15 South of Glen Helen Pkwy
15 at I-215 Interchange
Multiple cameras along highway 91
91 at County Line
91 West of Green River Rd
91 at Green River Rd
91 East of Green River
91 at Route 71
91 West of Serfas Club Dr
91 at Serfas Club Dr
91 at Maple St
91 East of Maple St
91 West of Lincoln Ave
91 East of Lincoln Ave
91 at Main St
91 at Promenade Ave
91 West of McKinley St
91 West of Pierce St
91 at Magnolia Ave
91 at La Serria Ave
91 West of Van Buren Blvd
91 West of Adams St
91 at 14th St
91 East of Mission Inn Ave

Multiple cameras along highway 60
60 East of Reservoir St
60 West of Ramona Ave
60 East of Central Ave
60 at Euclid Ave
60 West of Vineyard Ave
60 West of Archibald Ave
60 at Milliken Ave
60 at Main St
60 at Day St
Multiple cameras along highway 210
210 West of Mountain Ave
210 at Mountain Ave
210 at Campus Ave
210 at Archibald Ave
210 West of Milliken Ave
210 East of Day Creek
210 at Cherry Ave
210 West of Beech Ave
210 at Serria Ave
210 at Riverside Ave
210 West of I-215
210 at H St.
Multiple cameras along highway 215
215 at Eucalyptus Ave
215 South of 60/215 Interchange
215 at Central Ave
215 South of 60/91/215 Interchange
215 North of Inland Center Dr
215 South of 2nd St
215 North of 5th St
215 at NB to WB 210 Connector
215 at Highland Ave
215 South of University Pkwy

Los Angeles Los Angeles weather
Multiple cameras along 5, 60 and 210
Multiple cameras along 101, 110 and 118
Multiple cameras along 405, 10, 105 and 91
Multiple cameras along 605, 710 and 134

Orange County Santa Ana weather

SB 5 at 22
NB 5 at 133
SB 5 at 405
NB 5 at Christianitos
NB 5 at Oso
NB 5 at Las Ramblas
NB 5 at Lake Forest
WB 22 at Brookhurst
WB 22 at City Dr
WB 22 at Knott
EB 22 at Los Alisos
SB 55 at 22
NB 55 at 73
SB 55 at 405
NB 55 at Macarthur
NB 57 at Chapman
NB 57 at Imperial
NB 57 at Tonner
NB 405 at Beach
SB 405 at Bristol

San Diego San Diego weather
Multiple Cameras Along Highway 5
Multiple Cameras Along Highway 8
Multiple Cameras Along Highway 15
Multiple Cameras Along Highway 805